A well-crafted community is a team effort.

At Haven, we are committed to creating communities. From inception through transition, we offer a wide range of developer services to help you meet your community goals. We bring experience and expertise to the process of crafting a community and preparing it for handover to the homeowner Board of Directors. We facilitate open communication to help meet deadlines and exceed expectations.

Let us show you how we can help your development shine! Our HOA developer services team is excited to work with you to create the next best neighborhood.

landscaping planning at table with group of professionals guy wearing a yellow hard hat looking at plans and sketches for developer services offered by Haven Community Management located in colorado usa

Cultivating a Lifestyle

A neighborhood that will last for years to come.

We help to nourish that small-town community feel in your neighborhood by creating events and activities that allow residents to engage with their neighbors. Reach out to us today about the range of gatherings and recreation groups that we can help you create!

Marketing Plans

Reaching tomorrow’s homeowners.

Haven’s expertise can help you get the word out about the most exciting news in your community! Let us help you plan and market events for the whole community. From movie nights in the park and holiday celebrations to potluck gatherings and pool openings, we can make sure that your next event is the next talk of the town.

Neighborhood Planning

Every great community starts with an idea.

Let Haven collaborate with you and your builders to plan the kind of unique and welcoming property that today’s buyers desire. From drafting governing documents and planning budgets, to design management and coordinating contractors, Haven is here to make sure that your new development succeeds.

Community Facility Management

Community is more than a group of homes.

Today’s residents appreciate the convenience and luxury of neighborhood amenities. At Haven, we offer aid in coordinating amenity construction, interior design and utility installation. Let us help coordinate these projects and create exceptional results for you and your development

Landscaping Services

A green neighborhood appeals to everyone

We know that landscaping is one of the most important investments you can make in your property. We will carefully supervise the install and maintenance your landscaping to ensure that your grounds are beautiful and healthy.  

Money Management

Financials made easy.

Haven will work with you to establish Association budgets and assessments, setting up best practices to prepare your community to succeed from day one.