New Technology

Online made easy.

In order to stay relevant, you have to adapt.

Haven understands the importance of staying plugged into today’s increasingly online world. Our neighborhood websites and software offer the latest in community management technology, providing our clients and their residents with interactive ways to stay connected. All of our solutions easily integrate with one another, streamlining your online presence and eliminating the frustration often associated with computer programs.

Some of our offerings include:

Essentials Portala portal that lets homeowners access account information, assessments, violation history, governing documents, and more. Board members can also use this portal to access both collection and violation reports.

Community Websites – stunning, easy to use websites that can also serve as your community’s presence on the internet. Websites can easily showcase your neighborhood’s amenities and events while keeping residents’ personal information private.

Communication Systems allows community managers and board members to easily share information with the entire neighborhood via a variety of means: text, email, phone tree, or mailed correspondence.

Content Management Interfaces –  the ability to manage calendars as well as upload photos, videos, and sound bites from events/meetings to your website, giving residents the opportunity to experience community both on and off-line.